Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Those Crazy Cats!

Don't you love those funny internet videos that you find on websites? Sometimes after I have a long day there's nothing I want to do more than kick back and have a good laugh. Free internet videos are a great way to do that without having to surf through hunderds of cable channels or to pay for video rentals. The best ones, i would say are of animals, and of course we all know that the best animals around are cats.

I didn't know how delightful watching cats playing could be until I had my own, but there have been so many times that I wished I had a camera to catch the ridiculous things that they do. When I moved, my cats had to go live with a family member, where they will be staying until we get an apartment that allows pets. But sometimes looking at other peoples cats can be a wonderful pick me up. Mercifully, free funny cat videos and pictures are available on all kinds of fantastic websites. Whether you want to find adorable kittens, cats in sinks, or videos of cats doing ridiculous things, if you want it, it's out there for you. Enjoy it.

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