Thursday, May 21, 2009

Squidoo, Create Content and Make Money

Previously I told you about Hubpages where you can publish hubs in order to generate traffic and revenue. A very similar site to this is Squidoo. Instead of creating hubs you create lenses but they are about the same thing. It is a place where you create content and make money from people clicking on the ads. You also get well indexed backlinks for your sites and another source of visitors.

The main difference is that Squidoo allows affiliate links and promotional advertising. If you want to promote your site or product then Squidoo is definately the better choice. They also have a much larger choice in advertising modules.

So far I find that I am getting less traffic for my lenses as I do for my hubs but the backlinks are already helping me rank for my terms. It is well worth it to add to your arsenal of SEO and wealth building tools.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Latest Hubs

Recently I wrote about the advantages of becoming a member of Hubpages. Today I wanted to share with you my latest hubs that I have writen.

Motor Swaps for the 92-95 Honda Civic
-Guideline to available motor swaps for an eg Civic and their benefits.
Best Import Cars of all time-An update to my previous post here.
Magic:The Gathering Booster Draft Explained-General overview and strategy guide for Magic booster drafts.
Legend of the Seeker Character Guide-Introduction to each of the featured characters in the hit television show.

I hope you enjoy them. Leave comments and tell me how I am doing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

LennyP Rises Again

I took a long time off from blogging. Originally my personal life became a little hectic and I was not really able to blog. After getting out of the habit it became really hard to get back in the groove. Now I am back. First I created a poker blog, then I started using Hubpages, and now I am blogging here again.

Long time readers may remember that I was living in Bloomington, Indiana. Last summer I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It is as much of a hell hole as the name suggests. In about a month I will be moving to Iowa City, Iowa.. Anyone who is still reading this blog after all of my time off I truly apprciate your support.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make Money and Drive Traffic With Hubpages

Several years back I signed up for Hubpages but never bothered to fully use it or fully find out what it was about. This was a mistake on my part. Just recently I took a second look and began to look into how Hubpages can benefit me both as a blogger and financially.

Wether or not you have a blog already, it would benefit you to publish articles, or hubs as they are called there. at Hubpages.

For people who don't have a blog, or their blog does not attract many viewers, Hubpages is a great way to make money by publishing content. You recieeve 60% of all revenue generated by your content. Best of all you choose what type of ads you want to display from Adsense, Amazon, Kontera, or Ebay.

No need to worry about building up a site from scratch because Hubpages is already amongst the 200 most popular sites on the web. There size is the reason hubs, including ones you publish, rank so well on Google resulrs. No need to worry about building links because Hubpages is already a PR6 site.

There strong rankings and huge traffic is why Hubpages is also attractive to webmasters who already have an established site. You can insert links directed at your own pages, as long as you don't abuse it, and send link juice and traffic back to your own pages. And unlike article directories, you make money at the same time.

Beyond their hubs there is also a very active community established there that will help you network, make new friends, and grow your brand. I regret taking so long to realize what I was missing out on and I wish that you don't continue to make the same mistake. If you like drop by and make me your friend
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