Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bathroom Reading

I'm sure there isn't a guy out there who hasn't picked up a men's magazine. Be it FHM, GQ, or Maxim, you know you've picked one up and thumbed through their pictures of fashionably dressed guys and barely dressed girls, including celebrities you never realized were really so good looking like Christian Aguilera, who we had all forgotten was hot until February's Maxim was kind enough to remind us about. Men's magazines are a great way to keep up with the not-exactly-newsworthy things going on in the world. They're loaded with all the gossip people are talking about as well as plenty of interesting but in the grand scheme of things irrelevant stories. Another fun feature is their hilarious top-whatever lists, such as this months feature in list Maxim of the top 12 fake foreigners which ranged from Prince Akim, to Borat, to Apu from The Simpsons. They're also a great way to learn about the new shows that you might be missing otherwise, all the new movies coming out, and whatever music happens to be popular at the moment.

In addition to the fun stuff, you can also get some really valuable advice from men's magazines. They have all kinds of tips for how to hit it off with the ladies and how to impress your boss. On the down low, you can get some great fashion advice from these magazines. They give you all kinds of tips about how to look your best without having to act like a girl about it. In addition to just helping you turn heads when you go out, being able to be fashionable can also be a major advantage in the corporate world. This months GQ has a really fantastic article on how to buy a suite, which are particularly important because they're such an investment and such a staple of your work wardrobe. You can also probably cut out a picture of a haircut that will look fantastic on you to take with you to the hair cuttery next time.

Men's magazines really do make for some great entertainment. If you've been living under a rock for the past 20 years, I suggest that you crawl out and pick one up next time you swing by the newsstand.

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