Monday, February 26, 2007

Spot The Block

Have you guys seen those ridiculous commercials on Cartoon Network, where they have cartoon characters from various shows singing about "Spot The Block?" Well they're absolutely ridiculous and I've been exposed to them far more than any sane person would ever want to be, due to my 4 year old's over the top love of cartoons. However, what they're plugging is actually something valuable and worthwhile. "The Block" is actually referring to the food nutrition labels which are required to be displayed on all products intended for consumption in the U.S. This helpful tool was created by the FDA to help consumers better understand the nutritional content of the foods they eat. If your trying to watch your weight, they allow you to check on the fat and calorie content of anything your thinking about eating, and might even provide you with encouragement to go ahead and put the Twinkies down before you start.

Food nutrition labels allow you to keep an eye on your intake of potentially harmful elements. Cholesterol is also something worth watching, as too much of it can lead to heart attacks, much as too much sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure. Even if your not watching your weight, it's still a great idea to keep an eye on the amount of nutrients your food contains in order to be sure your getting everything you need. Even without taking a vitamin supplement, you can greatly increase your overall health by being sure to consume enough Vitamins A and C. Getting enough Calcium is also very important, especially for the ladies out there, as that's the best way to prevent Osteoporosis.

I use these labels all the time, both to keep an eye on my own health, and so I can be careful about what my son is consuming. I suggest if your not familiar with them, that you do a little background check and spend some time learning about how these can labels be valuable to you too.

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