Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Living Touch

Living Touch is a very infromative blog about ways to live a healthier life. The thing I like most about the advice they give is that most of their recomendations are on natural ways of being healthy. Todays society is too focused on the quick fixto their problems. Nature is not about the qwuick fix and neither is being healthy.
Natural remedies are the best because medical sciemce just foucuses on covering up the symptoms. In reality the problem is ussually something that your system is lacking. Ancient civilizations were able to understood this but somehow we have lost sight of this fact. Asian culture probably understands this better than the west and that is why you can find great advice in the Asian Culture category of his blog.
Of course some people could care less about being healthy and just want a quick fix in order to loose weight. Living Touch also covers on weight loss strategies. I can save you the time of reading that. Eat less calories than you burn. You can either starve yourself or eat sensibly and exercise but that is all there is to it. I hope you find someone from this blog to help you live a healthier more natural life.

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