Friday, March 02, 2007

What's Not Going On

My girl and I don't get to go out as often as we might like. It' s kind of a shame, given the whole you're only young once thing, but that's just life I suppose. However, even when we do get to go out it seems like it's always the same thing. We go to dinner and/or to a movie, and/or to a bar. It's certainly more fun than spending our Friday nights watching TV or writing blog posts during prime out-going time, but lets face it, that stuff is expensive and doing the same thing every time just gets kind of dull. You would think that in a college town there would be more things to do, but there just really aren't. We're too old for frat parties and have no interest in whiny indie emo music, but we're too young for wine tastings and dinner parties. Back home there were more options; clubs, shows, basketball game, etc. but here in small town America the options just fail to abound. During the day it's a little bit better; we can go bowling, ice skating, and take Quentin to the museums, but at night we're still stuck. I'm so glad we're going home in a couple of weeks and will be able to get out some, because doing nothing around here is really suffocating us both.