Saturday, February 24, 2007

Heard Any Good Conspiracy Theories?

Seems any time you will listen someone has another conspiracy theory. Are these the crazy ramblings of schizophrenics and gun toting militants or are there forces at work behinf the scenes secretly controlling everything. There is just about one for everything form the mundane to the most serious matters of national security.

One of the silliest conspiracy theories has to do with Korea. Apparently there are some Koreans who believe that the Japanese changed the romaniztion of Corea to Korea during their occupation so that Japan would always come first in alphabetical listings. The Japanese are very prideful people and always want to come first, even to the point of changing history in text books, but they had no control over the international standards of rominazation that were established during that period in history.

Some conspiracy theorists worry that everything is going to harm them in some way. Have you heard the chemtrail conspiracy theory? Since the 90's people have been claiming all sorts of things to the trails that follow airplanes. Some think that we are being sprayed with poison. Others think that it is a form of weather control or cure for global warming.

Most famous of cospiracy theories are the ones involving government cover up. Some will tell you that we never landed on the moon or that 9/11 was done by our own government. The fact that our government has been caught red handed in cover ups such as Watergate only helps to fuel these claims.

So what do you think about these theories? Are their forces conspiring against us or are these people just nut jobs. If you have heard any good theories feel free to share them.

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