Saturday, October 07, 2006

Starbucks Without the Starbucks

What is your favorite part about Starbucks? For some, I hear, they feel every time they go to Starbucks they feel part of the Starbucks community. That is exactly the part I hate about Starbucks. I can't stand the pretentious customers. I can't stand their pompous staff. I can't stand the irritating music they play because they want to create an "artsy" environment. I can't stand their exclusive language for a simple cup of coffee. What I do like is their coffee.

Imagine a world where you could enjoy Starbucks coffee without all of the Starbucks experience. Now that world is a reality. Starbucks now offers you the option of buying all of their products from the comfort of your own home. No pretentious customers. No annoying staff. Just great coffee. Click on the banner to learn more.


vesper said...

i thought everyone knew the whole "community" thing is a marketing ploy to get you to feel like you can't buy anything else? people actually SAY crap like that? oh man oh man. it's a sad world.

Mary said...

I like the Starbucks atmosphere. I mean, the baristas do suck most of the time, and sometimes my frappachino comes out not tasting as good as it should, but something about the way I feel when walking into a Starbucks is comforting. They have one on campus here at UB and when I walked into it the other day, I felt like I was back at home ordering coffee for everyone at work during the winter season last year. I guess it's just what you attach to it.