Thursday, October 05, 2006

NBA Cutting Corners

With the basketball season approaching quickly, you will start seeing me blogging about the NBA. Basketball is by far my favorite sport. No other sport has the same drama, passion, and athleticism. Man, I love this game.

That is why it saddens me to see them cheapening this game. No, not the influx of players who cant shoot, or don't understand how to play defense. They are replacing the game ball with an indoor/outdoor type ball. Basically the kind of ball I would give to my 4 year old. With all the billions the NBA makes, why is it that they can't afford to use a real leather basketball? Shaq Daddy is outraged, and so am I.

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Daniel Fischer said...

Really? I never knew this. I think the problem with the NBA imo is that the "sports scene" is starting to be heavily based on money, rather than a fun and exciting career.

And thanks for commenting on my blog. It's appreciated.

LennyP said...

Just trying to do my part to grow the community.

dp said...

is it the new ball that ruining the NBA or the steroids?

LennyP said...

Where do you get the idea the nba is being ruined by steroids? This is news to me. What player has even ever been linked to steroids. None that I know of.Too many players in the NBA need steroids, or at least some protein shakes or something. It has a mnuch bigger problem with underdevoloped players than roid raging hulks.