Monday, October 09, 2006

10 Good/Bad Things About Living In Bloomington

At the end of August I moved to Bloomington, Indiana from Germantown, Maryland. This helped me realize that people are people wherever you go. Some are good, some are bad. This doesn't mean there aren't still some major changes to get used to. Some good, some bad. First the bad, because I prefer to focus on the negative.

5 Bad Things about Living In Bloomington
  1. There is nowhere good to eat. Every restaurant that I have tried has either had bad food, bad service, or both. Apparently, in Bloomington the simple fact that someone is making your food for you is enough. Expecting it to be of high quality, served quickly, or for you to be showed any type of attentiveness as a customer is expecting too much.
  2. There is absolutely no shopping. The big draw in our mall is Target. If you want anything, especially clothes, to shop anywhere nicer you will need to get used to traveling or become a savy online shopper.
  3. Addresses make no sense. All they are is a mere suggestion of where you might find something. The location you are looking for may or may not be on the same street as the physical address is. Forget the rules you learned about the order of numbers and letters. CJ might follow J, and 8 might be after 11. Street names change for no rhyme or reason. The street you follow may have 4 or 5 names. If you forget all rules of logic and reason, then maybe you can have success finding your way around.
  4. No daylight savings time. What kind of anti-social state decides that it is not going to participate in daylight savings time with the rest of the country?
  5. Bloomington is lily white. The really weird thing about having white people is you see white people doing jobs you would never see white people doing back home. The landscaping crew at my apartment complex is all white. The only other group represented here is Asians but they do such a good job of sticking together you barely notice them.
5 Good Things About Living In Bloomington
  1. Bloomington is lily white. While not a good thing in itself, the lack of illegals and people who can't even speak the language is refreshing. Remember what I said about white people work jobs where you normally don't expect them? Now imagine being able to order fast food and the person taking your order understanding English.
  2. Great scenery. Bloomington is mostly a college town. In case you don't know, it is the home of Indiana University. With a college town comes college girls. Lots of them. More eye candy than you probably need in a day. For the females, I would imagine lots of young men in their physical primes would be appealing to you too.
  3. Cheap cost of living. I'm paying half as much for my 2 bedroom apartment with rent which covers all utilities, including cable, internet, and phone, as I paid for rent alone in Montgomery County for a similar apartment.
  4. Don't have to worry about terrorists attacks. Living near D.C., I always realized I lived in the target zone for terrorist attacks. Terrorists don't care about B.F.E. Indiana. That's one less thing to worry about.
  5. People are more pleasant. Not necasserily more friendly, but they at least don't have a unwarranted sense of self-importance that people in Montgomery County are plagued by.


Agius said...

Nice list - a lot of these things are true in West Lafayette, as well. Penn State also had a goofy road system when we visited there - maybe that's a college town thing.

Also, re: daylight savings time, our republicans this year passed a bill instating Daylight Savings Time for everywhere in the state. We are now on Eastern Time, all the time. I personally see no reason for DST, but it's cool to be conformist... I guess...

LennyP said...

I didn't know Indiana started honoring DST. It might be antiquated and unnecessary, but it is still retarded to have different times as everyone else.

Martin said...

Hi Lenny, just popping by from Blogger Forum to see what your blog's all about. It's sometimes nice to read something that's not about google.


Unknown said...

Daylight Savings Time sucks. And it is totally uncool to be a conformist. Why do republicans demand this, and why does anyone go along with it?

Why would anyone care about the color of your gardner, waiter or neighbor? There are far more important and revealing characteristics of humans to be aware of.

In my day, Bloomington was full of diversity. It once had the largest population of foreign students. Has this changed?