Monday, September 25, 2006

Streets are for cars

Notice to all pedestrians, streets are for cars. Not too recently, great minds came up with an invention called sidewalks. Sidewalks are great things. They give pedestrians a safe place to walk without being hit by cars. You should not walk on streets except at designated crosswalks. Even when in a crosswalk, it is only safe to cross when the light says cross. Most importantly parents need to learn about the benefits of sidewalks. You might not value your life, but that gives you no right to endanger your children.
Sure, no matter what pedestrians have the right of way. But in the end, who is going to be more inconvenienced if you don't follow my advice? The motorist who has to explain to the police that it was an accident; or the dead pedestrian? Sometimes I have to question if I really feel like stopping for some inconsiderate pedestrian. Maybe when you decide to get in my way I might decide not to stop.


vesper said...

i'm sorry to admit i've taken advantage of the insanity in DC with pedestrains...but, i totally agree. even though i don't drive. and the county doesn't have too many sidewalks.

people down here are less stupid, though. most walk on the grass.

vesper said...

not that i don't watch out for cars. or even sympathize for idiots who don't watch out for cars. but what do you suggest for pedestrians where there aren't sidewalks?

LennyP said...

When their are no sidewalks you can a) find an alternate route or b)when absolutely necessary, walk as far too the edge of the street as possible, and be aware of the cars around you.