Sunday, September 03, 2006

Second post of all time

Not much has happened since yesterday. Haven't done anything on the job front. The good lord got one day of rest so why shouldn't I. Tomorow I will have to get real hardcore about job hunting. Of course, if anyone out there is looking for a hard working great guy to hire in the Bloomington area I just may be your guy.
The sad thing about realizing my job prospects aren't so good right now is that I decided to drop my online classes I was going to take. I would have to buy books by Monday and make 2 more payments so I dropped them. In the big picture its not that big of a deal because I can still finish my associates before leaving Indiana. I just worry if my education gets put on the back burner it may stay there.
I guess I should tell you about my education goals. My plan is to finish my associates in Business Administration while Abby attends Indiana. Staring next semester I plan to take Japanese at IU. After Abby applies to graduate school I will tranfer with her and get a Bachelor's in International Business and probally another major in Japanese.


vesper said...

international business sounds i guess. jiji-itis man mentioned something about a hvac local out there? could you do the residential program or soemthing with them? i think that's above minimum wage...well, good luck~

LennyP said...

Thanks for the comment.I dont know if there is a hvac local out here. I know there is a plumbers local. If he has any info tell him to get it to me.