Friday, September 15, 2006

Mother Nature is Helping to Improve the Illegal Immigration Situation

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Last year 427 people died attempting to cross the border, mainly from exposure. I say good. Mother Nature is helping us with our problem. Now our bleeding heart elected officials want to help them. They have introduced the Border Death Reduction Act to the senate. This bill calls for beacons where border jumpers can call for help. After being helped they would then be deported. Why bother wasting our money helping them when they can just stop ever being a problem again? It's not like anyone held a gun to their heads and told them to run out into the desert and risk their lives. The only good part of the bill is that it includes stiffer penalties for human smugglers. Still, if you don't want to go through legal channels to get here and would rather break our laws and take your chances in the desert, then take your chances in the desert. Not our problem.


oScar said...

You are correct in sayin people don't have guns put to their head to cross the desert illegaly (for the most part), but the motivation people have to come over here illegaly does comes pretty close to having a gun put to one's head.

I think the beacons are a silly idea not because we shouldn't help those poor folk crossing, but because I know they WON'T use them. They'd rather "take their chances in the desert" than risk having to pay another $2k+ to attempt crossing again.

LennyP said...

The motivation to come across the desert here illegally is one of two reasons. Either they were too lazy to come here legally and we don't need them because they are too lazy to contribute to America and we dont need or want more lazy people. Or they were criminals were they came from and we don't need or want more criminals. Either way after attempting to cross the border they are criminals and don't need help. I would even take it one step further and say they are foriegn invaders. The only appropriate way to deal with foreign invaders is with deadly force.