Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cops Don't Deserve Our Respect

"Police officers are just doing their jobs." That's the common defense I usually hear for cops. Nazi storm troopers were just doing their jobs too. At least they had some kind of goal they were trying to achieve. Police are just trying to feed their own egos.
You have to ask yourself, "Why does one become a police officer?" Do they want to help others? If that was the case, he would have become a paramedic, or a firefighter, or maybe even have joined the Peace Corps. An individual becomes a police officer to have power over others. Their whole lives they felt insignificant and found the one job they are capable of doing to have power over others. If they had the skills and mental stability to get a better job they would.
Why do we as a society allow sociopaths to be the enforcers of justice? If the people protecting our streets aren't mentally sound, how can the streets ever be safe? How can we as a country entrust our freedom to people who are only out for themselves?


Agius said...

Abby & I's cousin John is a street cop on Manhattan Beach. He's a nice guy. Sounds like you've had some bad experiences with the police force -- I'll grant there are definitely assholes in authority in a lot of places. I wouldn't ever want to get pulled over by a downtown DC cop. But generalizing and saying that all cops have the same personalities as Nazis seems like a bit much.

haley said...

hello Lenny,it really sounds like u didnt have a good time with the police officers,but i still think maybe some of them are really doing this job because they wanna help the people!!anyway ,nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

LENNY........Your a stupid mother fucker if you believe that. You have to get your head out or your ass!

Anonymous said...

You may be just a little warped, Lenny, but basically I agree with your generalization.

Keep in mind that with all generalizations -- they cannot be accurately applied to individual members of the set under consideration -- but they can still be generally true!

LennyP said...

Thanks to the anonymous poster who couldn't control his potty mouth I will now have to moderate comments. At least he exhibits the intelligence to make a great cop. As far as the other comments yes I've had some bad experiences along with not bad experiences with cops. The point is, as an individual who has never wronged another, I should have never had experiences with them. And yes its a sweeping generalization, but I stand by it.

GunGeek said...

If even 5% of all cops drove the speed limit when off duty in their private cars, I'd have at least a little respect for them. However, every single cop I've known (granted a limited sample size of maybe a dozen) openly brags about the fact that they can always do a minimum of 10mph over the speed limit without worrying about getting ticketed, and that they always speed because of it.

At least in my state, and it may be everywhere, they now have blue and black striped stickers they put on the back of their personal cars to identify them as law enforcement. Supposed to help in times of emergency or somesuch, but it seems like its primary purpose is to make it so that they don't even have to bother getting pulled over and showing their cop ID to avoid a ticket.

Oh, and they even make the blue stripe reflective so that they can fly along at night without a care in the world.

Yes, the people that have sworn an oath to enforce the laws... the same people that will punish you for exceeding the legal speed limit... these criminals wearing badges openly and brazenly flaunt their "more equal than others" status and break the very same law that they punish you for.

This extends far beyond simple speeding as well. They protect each other for virtually any criminal act.

And then they wonder why people don't respect them.

LennyP said...

Cops inability is another reason why I dont respect them. That further proves that they don't become cops to uphold the law and uphold justice. They become cops to have power and power over others. Another example of what you speak about is for 2 years I lived across the street from a police station. I could see every cop car as they left the station. Not once in two years did a single cop come to a complete stop unless their was traffic coming. Usually that wouldnt even stop them because they would turn their lights on and turn them off a little down the road.