Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some Sports Are More Dangerous Than You Realize

You probably already know that football is an injury prone sport. In fact it is #1 in the report issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of most dangerous sports. What might surprise you is some of the other sports that made the list. Sports such as golf,bicycling, and even swimming. Even what is more surprising is the sports that didn't. Not one martial art was listed.

Experts attribute the safety of martial arts to the training and discipline involved. Before young students are ever allowed to engage in any dangerous activity they must spend weeks or even months training. One such art that is growing rapidly in popularity is Muay Thai Kickboxing.

No matter what art you chose I recommend you get your children involved in martial arts. The confidence that they gain will help them more for the rest of their lives than any other sport. Plus, we know bullying is becoming more prevalent than ever before. Give your children the skills needed to defend themselves.

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