Friday, January 05, 2007

I Need To Give In And Buy a Cellphone

For years I've fought off buying a cell phone. 99% of people you encounter using them are annoying. This is probably because if they weren't annoying you would never notice them in the first place. Now my job requires me to have a cell phone. You would think that if an employer required you to have something in order to do your job they would provide it. They don't. For the past while I have been using my girl's phone. Of course this creates problems because she does not have use of the phone when I have one.

Coming to the realization that I need a cell phone led me to a very valuable resource. Cell phone selection has never been easier than with Wirefly. They offer great prices, wonderful service, and free shipping. Plus if you are in any way unhappy they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you already joined the masses in buying a cell phone, Wirefly also has many accessories, plans, and ring tones for sale. Take some time to check out their site and you will not be disappointed.

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