Monday, January 22, 2007

New Skyline Forum

Ever since gaining it's fame in Gran Turismo, every little fan boys dream has been to own a Nissan Skyline. Not just any Skyline but the vaulted GT-R incarnation. The thing that made these car so coveted, apart from the awd and twin-turbo v-6, was the fact you could not buy one in America. For awhile, you could have Motorex import one, until they got into legal trouble. That left the only option to import one and jumping through countless hoops to have it registered. Coming this fall, you will be able to buy a domestically sold Skyline GT-R at your local Nissan dealer. Start doing your research now, because in a short time, the GT-R will be the tuner car to have. The forum to get all of your GT-R information will be Skyline Forums.

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