Thursday, May 21, 2009

Squidoo, Create Content and Make Money

Previously I told you about Hubpages where you can publish hubs in order to generate traffic and revenue. A very similar site to this is Squidoo. Instead of creating hubs you create lenses but they are about the same thing. It is a place where you create content and make money from people clicking on the ads. You also get well indexed backlinks for your sites and another source of visitors.

The main difference is that Squidoo allows affiliate links and promotional advertising. If you want to promote your site or product then Squidoo is definately the better choice. They also have a much larger choice in advertising modules.

So far I find that I am getting less traffic for my lenses as I do for my hubs but the backlinks are already helping me rank for my terms. It is well worth it to add to your arsenal of SEO and wealth building tools.

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