Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make Money and Drive Traffic With Hubpages

Several years back I signed up for Hubpages but never bothered to fully use it or fully find out what it was about. This was a mistake on my part. Just recently I took a second look and began to look into how Hubpages can benefit me both as a blogger and financially.

Wether or not you have a blog already, it would benefit you to publish articles, or hubs as they are called there. at Hubpages.

For people who don't have a blog, or their blog does not attract many viewers, Hubpages is a great way to make money by publishing content. You recieeve 60% of all revenue generated by your content. Best of all you choose what type of ads you want to display from Adsense, Amazon, Kontera, or Ebay.

No need to worry about building up a site from scratch because Hubpages is already amongst the 200 most popular sites on the web. There size is the reason hubs, including ones you publish, rank so well on Google resulrs. No need to worry about building links because Hubpages is already a PR6 site.

There strong rankings and huge traffic is why Hubpages is also attractive to webmasters who already have an established site. You can insert links directed at your own pages, as long as you don't abuse it, and send link juice and traffic back to your own pages. And unlike article directories, you make money at the same time.

Beyond their hubs there is also a very active community established there that will help you network, make new friends, and grow your brand. I regret taking so long to realize what I was missing out on and I wish that you don't continue to make the same mistake. If you like drop by and make me your friend
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