Sunday, February 20, 2011

Speaking to Myself

I have no one to blame but my self but this blog has gone pretty much dead. I have not updated it in nearly two years and my traffic is down to almost nothing. Perhaps I should just shut it down but that seems like an entirely huge waste. When I started I thought I could use it as a speaking stone and maybe thats what it will be now. Not quite a personal blog about every mundane event of my life but my reactions to newsworthy items and events that can hold meanings to others.

Anyone who followed this blog might remember that I was trying to adjust to life in Bloomington, Indiana. Since then I have moved to Iowa living outside of yet another college town. Basically the same crap as before but a little colder.

Much of my free time is being used playing Magic the gathering. I might start publishing some tournament reports but as of late I have been running into the worst of luck. Variance can be a bitch.

If anyone is left out there please leave a comment so I know whether or not this blog is all alone.

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