Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Squid Stop-Revenue Sharing Social Bookmarking Site

SquidStop is a social bookmarking site that users can use to create links for their content. Similar to popular sites such as reddit and digg but with the added bonus of revenue sharing. Also unlike those sites they don't discourage users to submit their own sites. They actively encourage it.

The main benefit you will get from SquidStop is backlinks to your targetted content. In order for your content to be found by the search engines your sites need to have backlinks. Each link you provide with SquidStop will help users and the search engines find your content more easily.

Additional traffic is not the main focus but it is an additional bonus that social bookmarking provides. Revenue sharing is also a secondary bonus but it does not hurt to have as many income streams as possible.

SquidStop is a pretty new site but it already has achieved authority status with Google. In the future I expect its influence to grow even further. Sign up today to build links, attract traffic, and earn through Revenue Sharing.

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