Monday, May 14, 2007

Shiny Red Hippos-Ranking Can Be Easy

At one of the marketing forums a newbie poster was bragging how he ranked high for several of his carefully picked keyphrases. His message was that if you followed his advice you too could rank for any phrase that you wanted. My problem with his post was the keyphrases he bragged about were just about worthless. Nobody searches for them.

This post is my attempt to show if you pick a keyphrase that no one looks for, and no one is interested in chasing, you too can brag about ranking high. How many people search for shiny red hippos? Absolutely 0. Doing a search at Google reveals only 108,000 resultsfor shiny red hippos. Not a lot of competition.

So now I have a term in shiny red hippos with very little competition for. WIth a few targetted links with related anchor text my site should rank easy. How will I benefit? I won't. With nobody searching for shiny red hippos nobody will ever find this post.

If I will not benefit from this you may ask why I am doing this. My purpose is to show that it takes no skill and provides you no benefit to rank for terms that bring you no traffic. Before listening to someone brag that their site ranks well for many keyphrases check if there is any competition or traffic for those terms. More important then getting a site to rank well is targetting the right terms in the forst place.

Update: I had better results than I could have imagined. In less than six hours this post achieved a #1 ranking at Google. I guess no I can call myself an SEO expert.


Anonymous said...

Hi LennyP - I came by your blog cos I was looking for some shiny red hippos - but I can't find them. Could you point me in the right direction? ;)

LennyP said...

Shiny red hippos are a very elusive creature. In fact, there has never been a confirmed sighting of one. It is rumored that you may find one in the deepest jungles of Africa.