Sunday, May 13, 2007

Buy A _____ Sites

Frequently I see sites that offer you the abillity to buy the image of some fill in the blank object for you to buy links on. The latest one I have seen is Buy A Nation. Here you can buy a nation and recieve a link from that nation pointing to your website.

Before buying a link here I have to ask myself a couple of questions. First, "When all of the nations are sold what benefit would the owner have in continuing to buy links to promote their site?" The answer is there is no benefit. You can rest assured that noone will continue to invest in a project that has outlived there source of income. The second question is "What benefit would I recieve being listed with many unrelated sites?" The answer is none. Links are worthless without relevancy. These sites provide none of that.

Perhaps if you have a site related to nations you could see some benefit. That still does not resolve the issue of an unmotivated webmaster. Your link building budget can be used much more wisely.

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