Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sue Happy America Finally Affects Me

I just got served legal papers saying that I am being sued. Legally I probably shouldn't go into details other than I have no chance of losing. I just wanted to share something I found out that you will probably agree is ridiculous. The person filing the suit doesn't even have to make up their mind how the alleged situation happened.

Basically, the person suing me says I did something/neglected to do something that led to the situation they want to be rewarded for. In the very same set of documents they are suing someone else for doing/neglecting to do something else. The alleged situation could only happen one way or another. We both could not have contributed to the situation.

Shouldn't you at least have to make up your mind how it happened? What gives a person the right to sue someone when they KNOW they had nothing to do with anything. In fact, they were the victim in the situation. I've already lost so much faith in the legal system and this is just another straw.

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