Thursday, December 07, 2006

How to Bid On Ebay

Do you ever find yourself angry because you bid on Ebay and then at the last seconds someone outbids you. Does it really get your goat that they didn't give you a chance to bid higher? If you ever felt this way you are not bidding right on Ebay. The person who won just knew how to use Ebay better than you.

Ebay is not a traditional auction where you keep bidding higher until you win. It is a fixed time auction. This means whoever has the highest bid in when it closes wins. To bid before the closing seconds is foolish. All you can achieve is driving up the final price you pay because of other inexperienced bidders.

The proper way to bid is determine the absolute highest amount you are willing to bid. Then submit your bid in the final 10 seconds. Some people have a sniper program do it for them but it is just as easy to do it manually. By following this advice you will never over pay and you will get the best price possible.

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